Have you ever felt like motherhood has you putting yourself last on the priority list?

You've tried gym memberships and spin or yoga classes.

How about those fad diets, quick fixes, such as pills, the "diet" meals from the grocery store.


I get it! Been there, and sadly, done them all.

I mean, come on now- we lack time, we have a limited amount of energy.

We need easy & practical. A REAL lifestyle change that will benefit us in the most positive way.

As much as we live for our children while setting the best example by teaching them healthy habits.

We have to make sure we are doing this for ourselves too!!!

How long is the accountability group?  A total of 4 Weeks. Week 1- Meal Prep & Clean eating education, Week 2, 3, 4- A blend of daily fitness and nutrition participation.

All participated are required to have me as her coach. Together we will work together one on one and in a group setting.

You need to do a Beachbody Fitness program, which we will work together to best match your interests and goals that keep you motivated and get results.

Your daily dose of Shakeology for the four (4) week duration of the group.  As I teach and guide you in the direction of clean eating and healthy habits, I want you to have that nutritional packed whole food that doesn't lack quality, aid you in energy and give super foods while preforming your exercise program.  Shakeology does that!  I too, drink it daily and Shakeology has changed my life.  It truly been my saving grace and my #1 solution from skipping meals.

 You will need to log in daily to our "My Challenger Tracker" app. This is were I share tips, meal plans, recipes, motivation, and personal development. Here you will learn clean eating, how to apply such skills in an easy and practice way and even how to include the kids!

How much does it cost?  Programs vary based on your needs and start from $140 and go up to $210 for your first 4 weeks, you may repeat this group up to 3 times (with no further purchase required).  You will also be added to my closed Facebook group for free life long tips, inspiration, motivation, and accountability with other like minded women.

Ready to Get Started?

This small group is set for us women ready to commit, be motivated, lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.  By Completing the brief form below I'll then I reach out to you within 48 hours.  My goal is to see you through your goals and see that you get results.  Come with your enthusiasm and excitement!  YOU ARE WORTH IT! Now, Let's get started!